Agriculture ignored says farmer

29 Jul, 2010 12:01 AM

Boyup Brook farmer Milton Moore said agriculture had been ignored so far in the election campaign but if the politicians are to take the industry seriously, there has to be one unified voice.

"We've got two farmer bodies, WAFarmers and the PGA," Mr Moore said.

"We've been our own worst enemy - we have got very ineffective voices while we remain divided.

"We need to be far more effective in what we deliver because while we are not effective, the politicians will just keep ignoring us."

Mr Moore said the biggest issue facing farmers was the increase in interest rates.

"Most farmers have come through two or three very ordinary years and in those same years our cost of production has gone through the roof," he said.

"All we're doing now is paying in the form of increased interest rates."

He said there hasn't been one policy directly related to agriculture that will make any difference to the industry.

"I think both sides have paid us a compliment in that they recognise we are hard workers, but that doesn't help pay the bills," Mr Moore said.

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whinging farmers
29/07/2010 8:16:06 AM, on Farm Weekly

Moan moan whinge whinge. You people have a voice - an all too powerful voice. All of Australia would like to see the voice silenced and your collective gobs staying firmly shut. Forever.
29/07/2010 6:01:53 PM, on Farm Weekly

Labor and Liberal have nothing but contempt for farmers. Watch them share a joke as they jointly abolish the single desk and create unmanageable risk for wheat growers.
30/07/2010 7:16:53 AM, on Farm Weekly

As a city person, I see the urban person doing far more whinging than any country person. That’s why the agriculture has been ignored so far in the election campaign. As far as saying the 2 farmer bodies need to be one voice, I don’t see that happening for a start. The second point I will make is, if one did come up with policies that restored some of the terms of trade back to agriculture, i.e. removed regulation the puts the cost up, that body would become dominant in numbers, meaning the other group becomes obsolete. Answer is then, get policies in place that do improve the terms of trade, instead of blindly following ABARE’s policy that terms of trade will always decline. This may mean taking positive action about your (agriculture) future.
WA Aggie
2/08/2010 11:19:23 AM, on Farm Weekly

The biggest issue facing farmers is infringement on private property rights. It is an issue that also affects urban property owners. I don't want agriculture on the political radar screen because attention usually means more, not less, government intervention. Government intervention always leads to more problems. But I would be ever so pleased if property rights were on the radar screen. This is not about urban versus rural...this is about right versus wrong. The Greens want to take more and more property without compensation. They are enemies of a just and forward-moving society.


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