All in the family at Walkaway

23 Feb, 2001 10:00 PM

AUB Green did not demur when his 9000 odd acres in Walkaway was referred to as his hobby farm, but after taking off his 58th harvest last season, he is now ready to have another try at slowing down.

Selling his major farming property at Kalannie some years ago was supposed to constitute retirement, but even though the "boys" remained farming in their own right, Aub soon bought back into the farming industry that started for him on the family property in Cunderdin in 1942 when he took off his first crop.

That crop was harvested with an AL harvester pulled by a team of horses, but after taking off the 2000 crop with a Case 2388 with a 36' McDon front, Aub is having another try at giving it away.

Sons Ray and David were at the sale with their sons Brady and Nick, but as Aub only sold the plant and sheep while keeping the land, it could be that 58 harvests are not enough to satisfy him.


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