Alternative ryegrass herbicides investigated

31 Jul, 2002 10:00 PM

WA No-Tillage Farmers Association is trialling three alternative herbicides to trifluralin to control ryegrass in wheat.

The trial compares trifluralin at 1.24L/ha and 2.48L/ha, with Stomp at 1.8L/ha and 3.6L/ha, Dual Gold at 0.8L/ha and 1.6L/ha and Argold (cinmethylin) or triallate at 1.6L/ha in a Calingiri wheat crop.

Although cinmethylin (group) was not registered for use in wheat, WANTFA scientific officer Bill Crabtree said it was used as a treatment because the herbicide had been effective on ryegrass in the past.

If successful, it would introduce a new herbicide group to control the weed.

While Dual Gold was known to damage wheat, Mr Crabtree said the trial suffered only 20 per cent wheat plant losses, which was good considered application rates were much higher than what it should have been.

"We also found ryegrass control was not that bad," he said.


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