ANZFA to drop new milk labelling laws

29 Sep, 2000 03:02 PM

NEW draft labelling laws warning parents not to replace breast milk with cows milk for infants under 12 months old have been shelved by the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Authority (ANZFA). The proposed new labelling was to have been included in the draft joint Australia New Zealand food standards code, due for consideration by state and federal health ministers in November. However, the Australian Dairy Corporation (ADC) and the Australian Dairy Industry Council (ADIC) successfully lobbied against the introduction of the proposed labelling laws. Among the industry's arguments against the ANZFA's proposal were that milk containers should not be used as an educational tool, while an ADC survey also revealed parents would take children off other dairy products. Scientific arguments were also offered against the ANZFA proposal. "At this stage, they have withdrawn the proposal but they can keep it under review for 12 months," ADIC chief executive officer Helen Dornom said. The current labelling requirements for infants not to be given reduced fat milk unless under medical advice will remain.


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