AWB withholding money

28 Jun, 2007 07:00 PM

THE WA Grain Group (WAGG) claimes AWB iss retaining money owed to Australia¹s wheat growers.

Spokesman Doug Clarke said, despite some welcome weekend rain, wheat growers were still facing an uncertain season.

³And here we have AWB still withholding money owed to us from 2005-06 pool,² he said.

³Fair enough if the extension of the 2005-06 pool was increasing in value for the participants, but it¹s not.

³The AWB¹s vague reassurance last week that they will make another payment to growers from the 2005-06 pool in July is hardly the solution.

³All money owed from the 2005-06 Pool should be paid out now.

³Where is the detail?

³Where is the transparency?²

Mr Clarke said AWB had previously announced the highly unusual move to pay only in part, the due April pool payment from 2005-06, and said it would make a sixth payment after June 30.

³In what¹s starting to be a very dry season, we need to get paid,² he said.

³AWB has announced that the current wheat pool price will remain the same, despite delays in payment, low production and record high international wheat prices.²

Mr Clark said WAGG was calling for a full audit of current pools.

³The most recent Wheat Export Authority (WEA) report released in March 2007 claimed that the 2005-06 pools should have risen by $13-$14 a tonne, and they have not done this,² he said.


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