AWB¹S February annual general meeting may be made available live via video link in Perth after a pro

31 Jan, 2007 08:45 PM

If Mr Iffla¹s application is successful, the review committee meetings scheduled for that week will be brought forward by a day, leaving Thursday free for those people wishing to make both events a priority.

Growers will be keen to attend the AGM and make their thoughts known after a functional separation between AWB Limited and AWB International was undertaken late last year in response to the Cole inquiry¹s findings.

A proposal is set to be further elaborated on at the AGM for a full de-merger of the two entities.

The confirmed times and dates for the WA leg of the Wheat Marketing Review Committee¹s meetings have been announced.

The committee is to provide information, particularly from the viewpoint of growers, for the government to consider in deciding how future wheat export marketing arrangements should be structured.

Submissions close on Friday, February 23.

Each meeting will be scheduled to run for three hours, with those people attending required to sign an attendance register before being allowed to enter a meeting.

Growers will also be asked to be on their best behaviour ‹ any person considered to be disrupting the meeting will be asked to leave.

The committee¹s reporting date of March 30 does not allow time for a second round of public meetings.

Confirmed times and dates for the local round of the Wheat Marketing Review Committee¹s meetings are:

p Geraldton: Tuesday, February 20 at 8.30am

p Dalwallinu: Tuesday, February 20 at 2.30pm

p Merredin: Wednesday, February 21 at 8.30am

p Katanning: Wednesday, February 21 at 2.30pm

p Lake Grace: Thursday, February 22 at 8.30am

p Esperance: Thursday, February 22 at 2.30pm

p Perth: Friday, February 23 at 8.30am.


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