Ban in face of GM food flood: Libs

28 Aug, 2008 11:03 AM

LIBERAL agriculture spokesman Gary Snook said Premier Alan Carpenter's GM policy announcement last week effectively told farmers "there will be no GM crops while I am Premier".

Mr Snook said the Labor's stance on GM's was an emotive beat up designed around the politics of convenience and fear.

He said the policy position had more to do with making preference deals with the Greens, promoting community concerns and about Labor winning elections.

He said it had nothing to do with the Premier's concerns for food safety in WA.

"Also the National Party are playing silly pathetic political games by saying 'yes' to GM crops for energy but not for food," he said.

"What is that position based on."

Mr Snook said he questioned the timing and reasoning behind the ALP's announcement on GM crops last week.

He expressed doubts as to why the party wanted to keep WA GM-free "when we are all currently eating GM additives in our food every day".

Mr Snook said GM food was already being consumed by Western Australians in soy milk, imported cooking oils, cotton seed, yeast in biscuits and cakes, imported soy beans in the stock feed and culture in cheese making.


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