Barnaby's carbon blast

09 Aug, 2012 02:00 AM
Senator Barnaby Joyce.
Senator Barnaby Joyce.

THE shotgun rhetoric of Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce was turned full-blast on the carbon tax at last week's Ebor Beef Steakholders Forum.

Senator Joyce pulled in animal liberationists, the bovine genome project and a frying pan in his attack on the tax, "the most absurd idea I've ever heard in politics".

In his estimation, the tax is lost opportunity cost; a redirecting of effort and finance that could otherwise be used to build the nation's long-term economic capacity.

"By 2050 you will be paying $56.9 billion a year in carbon credits ... you could build a freeway from Newcastle right through the New England to Brisbane - and keep it going, with all that money up your sleeve, all the way up to Gladstone."

The tax on a "colourless, odourless gas" is being driven by a political agenda hostile to the 200-strong audience of mostly beef producers at the forum, Senator Joyce told the crowd.

"The political form of this carbon tax debate, and make no mistake about it, is to move the agenda and the financing to a form that will work against your interests. It comes hand in glove with animal liberationists and everything else that's part of it.

"The Green Energy Fund, which we passed the other day - I voted against it - apparently allows us to invest $10 billion into green schemes. They are not out there to help you. These people come hand in glove and work in a mob with PETA and whole range of other organisations.

"They'll deny that, but I sit next to them, I understand how they work, and I understand exactly, politically, where this is heading to."

The Senator wielded his gift for metaphor to position the tax as a broad-based consumption tax. "It's impossible to get around it."

"You wake up in the morning, you look at the clock radio, and you see a little red light to remind you that you've been paying the tax all through the night. You go out and put on some bacon and eggs, and the tax is in the frying pan. You go the fridge and it's cooling itself."

Senator Joyce dished on the "moral crusade" that will "do nothing to change the temperature of the globe", but didn't propose alternative solutions to climate change, a phenomenon that he has expressed scepticism over in the past.

His alternative is to build on investments like Armidale's University of New England (UNE), from which he graduated as an accountant.

"We can't do if we start taking the money from investment in real outcomes and start putting it into spurious causes."

The Senator cited the Bovine Genome Project, which he said should be completed "pretty soon" - apparently unaware that it was completed in 2009 - as the sort of investment that yielded relevant outcomes.

"It will give us the capacity to test for tenderness, marbling, yield, in the paddock," Senator Joyce said. "That's a great outcome, and it can be driven by an area such as Armidale."

Among the many objectives of the Beef CRC, headquartered at UNE, has been to use DNA technologies to identify cattle that produce less methane, and to drive the breeding of more productive cattle in general, delivering more beef for less emissions.

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R.Ambrose Raven
9/08/2012 7:16:56 AM

Well, whipping up carbon tax hysteria is as good a way as any other to get re-elected. One psychologist, Furedi, argues that "In contemporary society one of the most powerful influences on public and social life is fear and anxiety, and the politicisation of fear and anxiety … modern societies engage with many issues through a narrative of fear". Statutory marketing not only did much to stabilise farming life, but also pressured politicians to have intelligent policies. Farmers, like working people, need organisation to benefit from such a globalised, complex world.
9/08/2012 8:29:18 AM

Senator BJ is a frustrated, outspoken, poor excuse for a politician. He is the other end of the spectrum from the incompetent govt we currently have and is only concerned about his little domain and getting his name up in lights. Next he will want funds for the local pub he drank at whilst at UNE. If he actually did his research on a global scale to see where the world is going on similar tax systems eg.Japan,Korea,China, California etc. then he would realise we aren't the only people in the world to see that we have to do something. It will benefit Ag by creating far greater efficiencies.
straw chewing redneck
9/08/2012 9:04:00 AM

BJ is correct the co2 tax is just a money grabbing scam and will not change the climate one bit .
cow cocky
9/08/2012 10:11:29 AM

If BJ wasn't even aware that the Bovine Genome Project was completed, how on earth can we have confidence in him having any idea about AGW!!!
9/08/2012 10:11:35 AM

You are correct, R. Ambrose Raven. The use of fear and anxiety has been very effective in influencing public and social life into accepting the CAGW scam. If one were to suggest that the CAGW NON issue weren't being driven through a narrative of fear you would be a rather hypocritical individual, would you not? But I must remember, it's OK for Left Whingers to use it, but not anyone else. Sorry, I keep forgetting.
9/08/2012 11:01:22 AM

Colourless odourless so can't see it or smell it. Don't you worry about that. (heard that before ) All deniers should sit in there closed gararge with there car going and see if they change their minds.
Bill Pounder
9/08/2012 2:13:54 PM

tonytwotimbers, genius, confusing carbon monoxide with carbon dioxide. Once again a warmista won't let the facts get in the way of a bad jibe.
john from tamworth
9/08/2012 2:21:25 PM

I think you may be referring to carbon monoxide Tony which is poisonous.On the other hand carbon dioxide is a harmless trace gas comprising about 0.04% of the earth,s atmosphere and vital for plant life.Sitting in you car with engine turned on while in the garage is not recommended.
Adam from Perth
9/08/2012 2:51:43 PM

Ah, the requisite anti-science comments. Carbon dioxide may not be toxic at 400ppm, but it does affect climate. It is a greenhouse gas. No surprise that the National Party, as the last socialist party in Australia (all for privatising the gains from agricultural enterprise while socialising the losses) is dead against a low-cost market based means of reducing our emissions. This is the case even though agriculture has been made exempt from the scheme. It's worth noting that New Zealand farmers do pay a carbon price for their emissions. Barnaby, stop whinging, you’ve got it good.
john from tamworth
9/08/2012 3:25:48 PM

NZ farmers will not join the NZETS until 2015 and will receive all their permits at no cost.
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