Beca to bolster HAAFCO team

02 Apr, 2018 04:00 AM
 David Beca is the new chief operating officer for the Harmony Agriculture and Food Company.
David Beca is the new chief operating officer for the Harmony Agriculture and Food Company.

HARMONY Agriculture and Food Company (HAAFCO) is strengthening its leadership having announced the appointment of David Beca as chief operating officer last week.

Mr Beca has a history in the dairy industry and has a wealth of executive and industry experience, locally and internationally, having completed professional stints in London, South America and Africa, according to HAAFCO executive director Richard Pearce.

Mr Pearce said Mr Beca had an active history of building businesses and working in the agricultural investment sector.

“He will be responsible for the operational management of Harmony’s Australia-based operations, including livestock buying, farm management (both backgrounding and finishing livestock on pasture), feedlot management and delivery of livestock to market,” Mr Pearce said.

“Coming from a leadership background in international agribusinesses, including specialist knowledge of the dairy industry – a sector known for its thorough application of data analysis – David has the ideal skill set.

“He understands the rigorous collection and application of data, which he will use to help Harmony capture and analyse customer data.

“David will ensure that the whole supply chain is set up to deliver to marketing specifications, including the quality, volume and timing of product.”

HAAFCO has invested in an asset base across Australia.

“The only way those assets will be effective is through them operating to a ‘market pull’ model, not a ‘supply push’ approach,” Mr Pearce said.

“David is coming in to take control of that, which is very much about gathering high-quality data and then utilising this to empower management.”

HAAFCO has also announced the purchase of the Gerang Gervng feedlot in Victoria, that will know be known as Dimboola.

Mr Beca’s appointment comes at the same time as the acquisition of the feedlot, ensuring that the growth of HAAFCO’s operational capability was matched by its internal capabilities.

“We were confident to do that because David was coming on,” Mr Pearce said.

“The bigger you get operationally, the more capability you need to focus on that.”

Mr Beca will be the fifth leg of the executive team and the first appointment at this level, outside of HAAFCO’s original founding team.

Mr Pearce said Mr Beca would be able to challenge the team, setting up the business for further success and growth.

“David is a highly experienced executive,” he said.

“Beyond his direct operational capabilities, he brings a mature and experienced head into our senior executive team to complement the founding group.”

On what compelled him to join the team, Mr Beca said, “I was impressed by the calibre and character of the people working in the business”.

“I believed their business plan had the potential to deliver a highly profitable business that could be scaled to substantial size,” Mr Beca said.

“I was excited about moving back into the beef industry, which is where I started my career.

“I am immensely excited to be joining the Harmony leadership team and having the opportunity to further develop the working environment so that people can realise their potential.

“One of the biggest challenges in any fast-growing business is to develop the operating and reporting processes so that people are clear about what is expected of them and confident about their position in the company.

“Ensuring we have strength in these areas will provide the platform for continuing success.”



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