26 Sep, 2001 10:00 PM

BEELINE Technologies attended the Agriculture Department and Grains Research and Development Corporation tour, organised by Dr Paul Blackwell, recently to study the benefits attained by controlled traffic or tramline farming.

Nine WA farmers attended along with Glen Reithmuller from the Department of Agriculture WA who was the tour leader. Stephen Jones and Rudi Bartells from BEELINE Technologies attended the tour that visited a variety of properties, included BEELINE Navigator users and BEELINE Navigator Australian engineer and inventor Rob Mailler's family property.

The first farm visit was Scott and Jo McAlmans' farm. Scott escorted the group on an extensive tour of his property all the while highlighting the benefits of tramlining. They also toured the group around the area they are developing for irrigation.

The next day Hugh Balls property was toured, including viewing his tillage equipment and a tour of his cropping operations. Hugh uses a BEELINE RowCrop unit and his whole property has been set up for Controlled traffic farming since day one. "The tour was able to see the extreme accuracy with which Hugh is able to farm, with inter row cropping of chickpeas into wheat stubble as one very impressive example," said Stephen Jones, BEELINE Technologies.

Neville Evans' farm was the next destination. Neville has a large dry land broadacre property using relatively conservative farming practices, including cultivation practices. He does however practice controlled traffic using a BEELINE Broadacre unit.

The next day Darryl Raddfords farm north of Moree was toured. Darryl uses a BEELINE in all of his cropping operations, commenting that he uses precision farming to eliminate costly waste. "With BEELINE and controlled traffic, growers can eliminate overlap, accurately calculate inputs like fuel, chemical, seed, and fertiliser and maximise productivity with the BEELINE's 24-hour operation," said Australian engineer and inventor of the world's first hands free precision guidance product for agricultural machinery, Rob Mailler, BEELINE Technologies.

The home of BEELINE Mike Mailler was visited after Darryl's. Mike was the first farm on the tour that had every vehicle movement in his paddocks using controlled traffic tramlines. Right down to the chaser bins a harvest time. Every one on the bus was extremely impressed with Mikes farming practices. A day later the tour drove into Brisbane and visited BEELINE Technologies.

BEELINE Navigator systems have the ability to steer your tractor round and round or up and back. Other features include:

* Reduces overlap, decreasing input costs. Use up to 10% less fertiliser, seed, chemical, diesel and time.

* Improves ability to farm accurately, hands free, in darkness, dust or fog.

* Reliability and proven with over 300,000 hours of steering experience in over 40 different vehicle types.

BEELINE Navigator (a range of very accurate precision guidance systems with hands free technology, STEERING ASSIST) won the BEST AUSTRALIAN AGRICULTURAL MACHINE (sponsored by the Tractor and Machinery Association of Australia) at the Dowerin GWN Field Days. BEELINE Technologies can be contacted on 1800 440 129 or (08) 9277 1799.

For further media information, photographs or interviews please contact: Andree McIntyre, Communications Consultant for BEELINE Technologies, on 9386 9155 or 0417 187 025 or Neil McAlpine, WA Manager, BEELINE Technologies on 9277 1799 or 0438 936 414.



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