Brooks buoyed by China barley demand

27 Apr, 2005 08:45 PM

AFTER a very successful two-week tour of China, Brooks Grains Ltd principal Chris Brooks has confirmed the company will be increasing its export barley stocks by as much as 1mt for the 2005/06 harvest.

"Brooks Grain already supplies about 25 per cent of China's export requirements, however after very successful negotiations last week we will be sourcing as much Australian barley as we can to meet the ever growing demands of China,î Mr Brooks said.

He confirmed several new and existing buyers, who he met with during the China trip, have indicated they are keen to deal with Brooks Grain again.

"Now we have secured the markets we will be knocking on the door of every grower we know to secure prime quality Australian barley from across the nation," Mr Brooks said.

"We are now successfully exporting from ports in Victoria, WA, South Australia and Queensland, with NSW to be in place for this harvest."

Mr Brooks said the deals brokered by Brooks Grain would provide excellent marketing opportunities for their growers and for the Australian barley market on the whole.

"Early indications from our growers indicate around 50pc will be maintaining the current acreage grown or are looking to increase it at sowing," he said.

"In NSW more than 50pc of growers are planning to maintain or increase current barley sowing, more than 50pc in WA, almost 50pc in SA, and more than 50pc in Victoria.

"Around 25pc are planning to cut back on barley crops this year in Queensland."

"With Brooks Grain considered as drivers in the barley pricing market, with premiums of up to $20/t on offer in SA last year, we look forward to being able to continue our tradition of offering cash premiums and competitive prices in all markets."

While the company has made its name in trading barley, Brooks Grain will also continue its push forward as Australia's leading independent grain trader, with growing trade averages in pulses, grains and legumes.

"Brooks Grain is all about finally bringing competition and services to growers in the Australian grain industry," Mr Brooks said.

"We are trading exponentially more grain every year, up to 200pc more in some regions.

"We have strategically established offices and agents across the grain growing regions of Australia as trade opens up, in an effort to expedite marketing opportunities for all growers.

"These latest markets secured by Brooks Grain just prove we are here for the good of growers, for the long term.

"We remind growers that it is your grain and it should be your choice how you market it."


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