Bulkwest becomes subsidiary of CBH

31 Oct, 2001 10:00 PM

BULKWEST became an official subsidiary of Cooperative Bulk Handling on Monday.

A buy-out and name change completed in July proved wise decisions for Bulkwest, which is now officially a wholly-owned subsidiary of CBH, generating new income streams for the benefit of CBH and its grower shareholders.

In March, the CBH Commercial Services Pty Ltd board approved the purchase of the remaining 50pct of Bulkwest, a transport, storage and logistics company that it didn't already own.

Now operating under two arms, Bulkwest Logistics Pty Ltd and Bulkwest Engineering Pty Ltd, instead of being called CBH Commercial Services Pty Ltd, are called Bulkwest.

Bulkwest general manager David Williams said the restructure of Bulkwest and an aggressive marketing approach was creating substantial business opportunities and attracting some lucrative contracts.

"This new direction is in line with the strategic direction mapped out by the board of CBH," Mr Williams said.

Essentially, that aim is to make the company less dependent on storage and handling charges as its primary source of income and less vulnerable in difficult seasons or downturns in the industry.

"In effect, we are seeking to 'drought proof' CBH," he said.

Situated in Henderson, Bulkwest Logistics is a one-stop shop with one of the largest bulk commodity and general storage complexes in WA.

Bulkwest Logistics provides a range of services including bulk and general packaging, container filling and emptying, and specialist bulk and general transport of both grain and non-related grain customers throughout Australia.

Bulkwest Engineering, located in Bibra Lake, supplies handling equipment, systems and solutions, while it also focuses on conceptual design engineering, project management, general construction, fabrication and the supply of handling equipment, systems and solutions.

Among Bulkwest's recent achievements has been a multi-million dollar joint venture to build six new receival points in the eastern states for AWB Ltd, construction of a multi-million dollar upgraded receival storage facility at Wyalkatchem and winning many lucrative contracts (including some overseas).


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