Call for highway improvement

27 Aug, 2003 10:00 PM

MORE than 3000 people have demanded major improvements be made to a vital stretch of Great Northern Highway.

Muchea hobby farmer Helen Keillor said that between Middle Swan and Wubin, there was an urgent need for more overtaking lanes and a wider, straighter and better-surfaced highway.

Large potholes caused havoc in wet weather and overwidth vehicles forced others off the road.

Along the 180km rural stretch north of Bindoon to Wubin, there was not one overtaking lane.

Mrs Keillor is circulating petitions in areas serviced by the highway, which seek federal funding to improve conditions.

She has attracted around 3300 names so far and wants more to present to Pearce MHR Judie Moylan in October.

Mrs Keillor said the highway had not changed significantly since its 1970 construction.

"When it was built the mining industry wasn't as developed, livestock carriers and tourism weren't there and back then a lot of families were only one car families," she said.

"It's federal money that I'm campaigning for but it's up to the state how they spend it. I'm targeting this road specifically, so that's where the money needs to go.

"At the end of the day I'm also trying to draw attention to the poor amount of road funding that WA gets as a whole ‹ we have 25pc of the national highway and get 11pc of the total funding."

Mrs Keillor said she would soon target businesses affected by the state of the highway.

Copies of the petition are available at general stores along the highway and at roadhouses at Wubin, New Norcia, Miling, Upper Swan and Walebing.

They can also be obtained from Mrs Keillor on 9571 0282 or at


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