Calling skilled workers

28 Apr, 2004 10:00 PM

THE State Government has launched an advertising campaign to find workers for seeding.

Agriculture Minister Kim Chance said the industry was short of skilled workers and there were vacancies in rural areas for the seeding season.

The campaign was launched via the Kondinin Group. It will target skilled people looking for short-term employment.

The campaign is part of a joint effort by the State Government, industry and rural employment agencies to address the shortfall of skilled labour in the agricultural industry.

"There are currently good opportunities for people, particularly those with a background in the farming or mining industries, who are looking for short-term employment and enjoy working in the outdoors," Mr Chance said.

"These jobs are open to skilled people of all ages, including semi-retired or retired people with the skills required by the industry.

"This is a short-term opportunity, but there may be further work leading on from the current season."

People being sought need a driver's licence and some experience operating heavy earth-moving equipment or seeding equipment. Welding and mechanical skills would also be an advantage.

Mr Chance said people without the necessary experience for immediate work would be provided with information on training courses useful for entry into the agricultural industry.

"Our immediate focus is to address the shortage of skilled labour for the coming season, but we are also looking to develop strategies for the medium and long term."

He highlighted the effort of the organisations involved in the campaign.

Included are the Kondinin Group, WAFarmers, Pastoralists and Graziers Association, Primary Industries Training Council, Rural Skills Australia, WA Agriculture Department and Education and Training Department.

The advertising campaign kicked off with newspaper advertisements on Wednesday, April 21.

Kondinin Group chief executive officer Bill Ryan said the group was happy with the response.

³We have had roughly about 20 enquiries a day since the advertisements went out on Wednesday,² Dr Ryan said.

Kondinin Group's role was as an independent organisation, without bias, acting as an enquiry point. It then passes on the details to other organisations like the PGA, who would then conduct the interviews.

PGA president Barry Court said it was a great initiative and the association's employment service had already achieved success with referred applicants.

³Kondinin Group has referred six people to us already,² he said.

³Two of those people were placed immediately.²

³Another two are being interviewed early next week.

³We are waiting to get in contact with the other two, hopefully we get some more people.

³We would definitely like more people.²

Interested people can call the Kondinin Group on 1800 677 761 or visit



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