Carbon crisis, what carbon crisis?

30 Oct, 2009 01:00 AM

AUTHOR, science communicator and public speaker Joanne Nova knows the world has warmed in the past century, but unlike many scientists in her field, she doesn't put the warming down to carbon.

In an "exposing the carbon fraud" presentation to members of the public and the Council of National Interest in Perth recently, Ms Nova showed attendees how scientists from around the world are proving that carbon has minimal impact on raising temperatures.

A self-proclaimed believer in the greenhouse gas crisis from 1990 to 2007 and a former Greens member, Mrs Nova is now what climate change activists call a sceptic.

"As a science communicator, I'm quite embarrassed at how my profession has absolutely let us down with poor standards and good intentions, and people have not been getting the full story," she said.

Ms Nova used scientific findings for the past 10 years as evidence to show there is no carbon crisis and that something else is causing global warming.

Mrs Nova said while computer models predict a 3? rise by 2100, most people don't realise that two thirds of that warming is due to humidity.

"Even if everything the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says is on target, we are only looking at one degree of warming for a doubling of carbon," she said.

"A change in cloud cover of just one per cent undoes all the warming that carbon may cause.

"Is it worth redoing our entire economy from scratch to prevent one degree, of which we've already had half?

"We're talking about a doubling of carbon since industrial times, so there is no crisis."

Read full story in this week's Farm Weekly.


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