Cardo sprayer

27 Feb, 2002 10:00 PM



MORE than 1000 people attended the Cardo on-property clearing sale at Watheroo last week.

In a brilliant piece of organisation, the Keamy family held first a stud sheep sale of nearly 1000 sheep, then a giant sale in the paddock where 504 registered buyers inspected the wares.

On arrival vehicles were met by the Elders Moora staff (plus others called in to help from other branches) and given a Welcome To Cardo glossy colour flyer which explained the layout, plus a registration card for those intending to buy.

Inside the flyer was a clearing sale site map, details of when the different categories were to be sold, drink stand sites (it was pretty warm on the paddock), toilets and where to park.

Not only that, in a lovely touch on the last page, Cardo paid a glowing tribute to its staff, to Elders and the heaps of people who had helped the Keamys put the sales together.

This writer has never encountered such a well-organised sale, and as was to be expected, it went like clockwork.

And if anyone was thirsty, a golf-cart, manned by Adam Millsteed, Watheroo, and Scott Parker, Marchagee, brought cold soft drinks and water to the moving crowd. It was a Red Cross fund raiser and warmly welcomed.

Top price for the day was $165,000, paid for a Mill-St. Nazianz 4500 litre Nitro self-propelled boom sprayer which was bought by GJ Raszyk, Scaddan.

Another good price was $47,000 paid for a Nufab four screen grain cleaner and bought by Wonnerup Trading Co, Miling.

Then there was the row of old iron wheels and some cast iron baths, described by one onlooker as a row of scrap iron.

"Yes, but it's vintage scrap," his mate said.

And it was true - two of the old baths had claw feet, much sought after by collectors. Three of these baths went for $150, $250 and $300 and were bought by Charlie Forbes, Darling Downs, Leanne Pearse, Miling and Yaskin Hedges, Byford, respectively.

Charlie Forbes was in luck - he also held the winning lot number for the Engel fridge.

A sulky and harness gear went for $1900 and were bought by AJ & SG Fowler, Miling.

A Belarus 90hp FWA tractor with 3-point linkage went for $4000 and was bought by Peuchin Pty Ltd, Bindoon.

An International tractor went for $5500 and was bought by DL & J Hootan, Badgingarra, while a Ford TW39 tractor went for $8000 and was bought by RR & BJ McNee, Wyalkatchem.

Two Toyota utes sold for $12,000 each and both were bought by D & G Bradford, Popanyinning.

A Cat loader and accessories fetched $37,000 and was bought by RH Riches Family Trust, Watheroo.

An air cart was bought at $49,000 by Rod Ibert, Ravesthorpe and an anvil was bought at $425 by Eddy Withnell, Bayswater.



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