CBH celebrates hitting 1mt at Chadwick

22 Dec, 2015 01:00 AM

IN a WA first, the Chadwick CBH bin, west of the Esperance town site, marked 1 million tonnes of deliveries in one season last week as State totals hit the 12.7mt mark.

CBH Esperance zone manager Mick Daw recognised the milestone with some fun by sending a local ice cream truck to the site.

"It's the first time we've cracked 1mt, it's really good news," he said.

"This is an opportunity to say thanks and well done to everyone.

"It's the first time it's been done around the State so we thought we would do something different for it."

CBH Group Esperance officially opened its upgraded Chadwick site in September last year.

The site has the State's first all-in-one sample-weigh bridge, which can simultaneously sample and weigh four trucks at one time.

At the opening last year, Mr Daw said the $15.5 million upgrade had made the process much more efficient.

"Trucks traditionally used to get sampled and then get weighed," he said.

"The concept that we've constructed means the sample and weighing process will happen at the same time.

"It has allowed us to maximise the land we have available and get trucks in and around as best we could," he said.

"It will also allow us to introduce new technology more smoothly in coming years."

Mr Daw said the milestone showed how much crop there was out there this season.

"It just shows how good the season was and could've been if we weren't affected by the fires," he said.

"We're still ending up with the second best crop on record.

"Two years ago it was 2.6mt which was amazing and we're going to get close to equalling that.

"It's a magnificent crop, it's just unfortunate it was touched up with the wind and the fire."

Mr Daw said Esperance growers were in the final stages of their harvest, either delivering their last few loads or cleaning up on farm.

"We still got 30,000t into Esperance in one day (last week), which is still a big day, but things are finishing off pretty quick," he said.

WA has surpassed the expected 12.5mt harvest total following a downgrade in estimates in recent weeks.

CBH general manager of operations David Capper announced a 500,000t downgrade from 13mt earlier this month.

He attributed this to heavy crop losses to wind, hail and fire.

As of Friday last week, Geraldton had received 2,325,559t, while 5,657,163t had been delivered into Kwinana, 2,410,753t for Albany and 2,332,041t in Esperance.



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