Cervantes wind farm more than hot air

28 May, 2003 10:00 PM

THE hills east of Cervantes will soon be coming alive when installation works begin on an 80MW wind farm on the Griffin Group's WR Carpenter Agriculture properties at Emu Downs later this year.

Thought to be the largest wind farm in Australia, the project involves a joint venture between WA-based Griffin Energy and the Queensland government energy supplier, Stanwell Corporation.

In comparison the Albany wind farm generates 21MW, while Esperance is 10MW.

The wind turbine generators, which produce energy at 22,000V, will be installed on hills south of Bibby Road, 25km east of Cervantes.

A substation on the site will transform energy to 132,000V, the proposal being to feed energy into Western Power's northern agriculture grid.

Wind monitoring involving 50m high wind measuring towers at the site over the past two years has indicated a conversion efficiency near 34pc is expected, which is considered very good.

Griffin Energy will also be looking to contribute to a viewing area just off Bibby Road.

According to the Griffin Energy website, the company announced a sustainable energy project last May which incorporates the 80 MW wind farm and WA's first privately owned coal fired power station at Collie.

At present, 46pc of the state's electricity needs are provided by coal.


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