Chance backs 1080

15 Sep, 2004 10:00 PM

THE State Government would continue to support the control of wild dogs through the use of 1080 by authorised and trained landholders in WA, according to Agriculture Minister Kim Chance.

Mr Chance confirmed the government¹s position after discussions with pastoralists in the Gascoyne-Murchison region.

³The recommendations from the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority review into 1080 are due out for public comment in December.

³The State Government remains confident that the appropriate use of 1080 will continue to be a vital ingredient in the management of the wild dog problem.²

Mr Chance said the devastating effect of wild dogs in pastoral areas and adjacent agricultural areas highlighted the need for the continued use of integrated control methods, of which 1080 played a pivotal role.

³These methods include targeted coordinated aerial baiting and increased ground control,² Mr Chance said.

The minister said research into alternate control methods was a priority but 1080 remained one of the most efficient and effective methods of wild dog control.

³Native animals in WA have a high level of evolved resistance to 1080 and its use benefits endangered species by eliminating introduced predators like wild dogs, cats and foxes,² he said.

The State Wild Dog Management Advisory Committee, formed by the Agricultural Protection Board in May, is continuing to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the State Wild Dog Program.


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