City families flock to country for FarmDay

31 May, 2010 01:19 PM

HUNDREDS of city families across Australia have a far greater appreciation of life on a farm after participating in the fifth national FarmDay at the weekend.

In the months leading up to FarmDay, research revealed that an overwhelming majority of city Australians wanted to know more about where their food comes from.

The survey, commissioned by FarmDay principal supporter Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA), found that 96 per cent of city residents were interested in knowing more about where their food came from and 73pc were keen to visit a farm to find out more.

FarmDay, which involves city families visiting a farm for the day, was instigated by Victorian farmer Deb Bain, of Skipton, to help build city people's understanding of farming and country life.

Mrs Bain said she was thrilled that so many city and farming families from across Australia took part in FarmDay again this year, with more than 650 participating.

“I decided to start FarmDay because we know that as an individual it is hard to make a difference but collectively we have the opportunity to attract the attention of the urban community,” Mrs Bain said.

“We know from previous years that FarmDay makes a significant impact on city people’s understanding and appreciation of farming. Continually, we hear that after taking part in FarmDay, city families are more selective in buying food and making sure it is grown in Australia.”

MLA’s community communications manager Samantha Jamieson said the success of FarmDay was largely due to the goodwill of farmers and their generosity in hosting city families for the day.

“By opening their farm gates to city families, farmers are showing them how well they care for their animals and their land, and the rigour and technology that goes into the business of food production,” Ms Jamieson said.

“As a result, these families return to the city with a greater understanding of the importance of agriculture and many will become strong advocates for Australian farmers.”

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