Climate change 'witchcraft': Jones

02 Jul, 2012 05:01 AM
''People are saying no, they don't want it'' … a protester at the anti-carbon tax rally in Sydney. Photo: Ben Rushton
''People are saying no, they don't want it'' … a protester at the anti-carbon tax rally in Sydney. Photo: Ben Rushton

THE world didn't end yesterday but Australian democracy died, according to protesters who gathered to make their voices heard in opposition to the carbon price.

About 2000 people marched from Sydney's Hyde Park to Belmore Park to hear Bronwyn Bishop speak against the government's Clean Energy Bill, while a much smaller group in Melbourne heard the broadcaster Alan Jones refer to climate change science as ''propaganda''.

''The notion of global warming is a hoax,'' Jones told a group of about 150 people on the steps of the Victorian Parliament.

''This is witchcraft. Commonsense will tell you it's rubbish; 97 per cent of all carbon dioxide occurs naturally … 3pc around the world is created by human beings.''

Jones's station, 2GB, was reprimanded by the Australian Communications and Media Authority last month, after he made multiplication errors in his calculations about atmospheric greenhouse gas levels.

In Sydney, Ms Bishop said the government was trying to use climate change to hold onto power.

''The government is trying to frighten the nation into accepting the need for it, but the Australian people are saying no, they don't want it,'' she said.

Ms Bishop and a Liberal MP, Craig Kelly, repeated the opposition's line that MPs would swear a ''blood oath'' to repeal the carbon price legislation immediately after the next federal election, should the Coalition win government.

Mr Kelly also accused the government of using ''fear tactics''.

''The worst thing they're doing is that they're scaring our kids,'' he said.

The protests were far smaller than last year's rallies in support of a carbon price.

Meanwhile, sea ice in the Arctic melted at a record pace last month, according to the US National Snow and Ice Data Centre.

Measurements taken on June 18 showed the area containing sea ice had shrunk to 10.62 million square kilometres, about 31,000 sq km lower than the previous record for that day, set in in 2010.

The driving force behind the current fast melt was regional weather conditions, the agency said, including warm winds that were sweeping north from east Asia.

The loss of Arctic ice presents a massive problem for attempts to contain dangerous climate change at safer levels, because the white ice reflects light and heat away from the Earth's surface. The smaller the ice cap, the less heat is reflected away, and the warmer the water, leading to further loss of ice.

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no more green dribble
2/07/2012 6:31:10 AM

Witchcraft, a scam and a fraud based on lies and dodgy science with a generous dose of simplistic green dribble.
Reap What You Sow
2/07/2012 7:25:01 AM

The thing about Alan Jones is that he has no credibility at all on Climate Change. Even ACMA has admonished him for wilfully broadcasting inaccurate information.
Ian Mott
2/07/2012 7:48:39 AM

What a shonk you are, Ben Cubby. Take a look at the satellite comparison between this midsummer ice cover and that of 2007 and stick your outrageous climate uber-alarmist cherry-pick in an appropriate receptacle. m/2012/07/01/woe-to-arctic-better s/ You are an absolute disgrace.
Loc Hey
2/07/2012 8:05:11 AM

Alan Jones has far more credibility on climate change than either you RWYS or Ju Lier and her evil mob. Look in the mirror along with the rest of the climate alarmists and at the ALP/Greens if you want to see people who are broadcasting inaccurate information. Man made climate change is one great lie from start to finnish. And the great news is the Australian people have now realised this and the carbon tax is going along with the ALP where it belongs, in the bin. Get used to it.
Reap What You Sow
2/07/2012 8:14:23 AM

Oh Mr Loc Hey, get with the programme. You lost. Carbon Tax is now a reality, and Jones is a proven liar on the subject. RD/pc=PC_310230
2/07/2012 8:19:01 AM

Characteristic Pott: no manners, wrong information derived from a dodgy unscientific source, absolute self-righteous certainty. For the science of ice (rather than mere unscientific opinion), see the National Snow and Ice Data Centre, who note that Arctic Sea Ice extent in June 2012 was 31,000 sq km less than on the same day in 2010. Of course it's not a simple process, including wind, ocean currents, ice volume or ice extent. But there is a demonstrable trend. See: / Check the science for yourself.
2/07/2012 8:20:13 AM

Burn them on the Stake!
Loc Hey
2/07/2012 8:20:51 AM

Oh Mr RWYS you have lost touch with reality, Ju Lier is the proven lier.
2/07/2012 9:58:48 AM

Loc Hey....what is a "proven lier"? Do you mean "liar"? You can see who the dribble Alan Jones dishes out plays to.....
2/07/2012 10:40:42 AM

Until Alan Jones earns a science degree and has peer-reviewed articles published on climate science he's just a hack with a big mouth. In this respect he's no different to the 99% of lay people who scoff at the climate science while secretly admitting they have no idea what it's all about. I fondly refer to it as meta-cognitively clueless, aka the Dunning-Kruger effect. Look it up dum dums.
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