Cold front marching towards southwest WA

29 Mar, 2012 11:16 AM

SOUTHWEST WA is facing the prospect of its coolest temperatures since at least December as a cold front pushes in tonight.

Hot and dry weather has been the norm this March for the southwest. Most localities have had less than 1mm of rain and temperatures more than a degree above average.

A cold front will roll through tonight bringing a sudden end to the warm temperatures that are continuing today. A Gale Warning is current for coastal waters between Walpole and Israelite Bay as southwest winds are likely to be tipping 70km/h overnight, which would cause small branches to break off trees.

Busselton is expecting a significant drop in temperatures tomorrow, with a forecast maximum of only 22 degrees. This would be the coldest day for the coastal town since November. The rest of the Southwest is also likely to have its coldest day since December or November.

Many areas in southwestern WA are likely to have their heaviest falls of the month. Scattered showers will fall in the Southwest, South Coastal and Southeast Coastal districts overnight before clearing tomorrow morning. Most areas will see less than 5mm of rain.

Perth only has a small chance of getting its first March rain, however the temperatures will drop. The city is expected to reach a top of 30 degrees today, but the maximum will only climb to 24 degrees tomorrow, which would make it the coolest day since December.


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