Coles to ditch cage eggs, stall meat

23 Oct, 2012 04:20 AM

COLES will stop selling pork, ham and bacon from pigs kept in stalls as well as company branded caged eggs from January, meeting a commitment by the company to phase out the factory farming practices a year early.

The announcement comes as Animals Australia, the group that uncovered the cruelty to Australian cattle in Indonesian abattoirs last year, launches a campaign against the factory farming of animals.

The campaign, which features TV ads, pleads with consumers to use their purchasing power to end the trade. The ads show pigs and chickens in squalid conditions with some animals made to look like they are singing.

"The majority of pork, egg and chicken products on supermarket shelves come from factory farms where animals are severely confined, have no quality of life and are routinely subjected to surgical procedures without pain relief,'' the campaign director, Lyn White, said.

"Many of the practices inflicted on chickens and pigs in Australia would be cruelty offences if inflicted on dogs or cats. This simply cannot be justified when we know that all animals share the ability to suffer."

Animals Australia says laws now allow battery hens to be packed into cages where they cannot stretch their wings; mother pigs can be caged barely able to move for months on end; and chickens raised for meat have been bred to grow at three times their natural rate, causing health problems.

The organisation has written to the agricultural industry urging it to encourage members and producers to move to higher welfare systems.

Coles first made the commitment to phase out the products because of ''consumer sentiment'' in 2010. The company says 34,000 mother pigs will no longer be kept in stalls for long periods of their lives and 350,000 hens will be freed from cages.

Customers will not suffer higher prices as a result of higher production costs.

Animals Australia wrote to the National Farmers Federation chief executive, Matt Linnegar, about the campaign arguing it would give farmers interested in welfare but concerned about backlash the confidence to change practices.

''We understand that the current demand for pork, chicken and egg products cannot be met by higher welfare systems, hence the need to educate the community to eat less and pay more - ensuring that the bottom line for producers can remain positive,'' the letter argued.

Woolworths said 98 per cent of its fresh pork suppliers operated sow stall free farms and it expects all of its fresh pork to be produced in stall free conditions by mid 2013. The company said it has already removed caged eggs from its Select brand eggs.

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23/10/2012 5:13:03 AM

Coles, you will also need to ban bread made from wheat that was harmed during harvesting by harvester fronts cutting the stem of the plant and removing the grain from the head. Total cruelty!
Get Real
23/10/2012 1:41:25 PM

Great move by Coles, keep it up!
23/10/2012 8:55:47 PM

Fantastic news Coles! Consumers do care!
Love the country
24/10/2012 5:16:16 AM

Guess what, a big group of us has ditched Coles and woollies .
what the
24/10/2012 6:31:28 AM

If Coles genuinely only buys happy days produce they will have to pay a serious premium and their customers likewise, it’s highly likely this will not happen
24/10/2012 6:34:47 AM

Good on you Coles - Thanks for taking notice of what your caring customers say.
24/10/2012 7:09:41 AM

And what are they saying Barking Mad? That they want greater access to cheep,under-scrutinized,low waged produced,imported produce while using campaigns such as AA's to their full advantage at Australian producers expense! Share-market driven corperates such as Coles are a part of the problem,not the solution!
24/10/2012 6:07:18 PM

What about product from O/S ??
25/10/2012 11:14:05 AM

If only Coles realised that it's the same hatful of people who phone, email, petition & lobby on all these "causes". The same names are on all the blogs, websites, facebook pages. Not much else to do.


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