Corish takes over as chief

30 May, 2002 07:00 PM

QUEENSLAND farmer Peter Corish took over from Ian Donges as the president of the National Farmers Federation at the close of the NFF annual conference.

An executive member since 1999, Mr Corish had chaired the economics and trade committee in the past year.

Mr Cornish said he would tackle the role differently to passed presidents, with an inclusive, rather than exclusive approach to issue resolution.

He planned to work closely with governments and bureaucrats to affect legislative changes but would remain firmly committed to achieve the best possible outcome for farmers.

In his final address as president, after serving the maximum four-year term, Mr Donges highlighted trade talks as some of his most memorable experiences, including September 11 talks in Washington.

The biggest tax reforms undertaken in Australia were among the greatest achievements for farmers during his presidency, with the introduction of the GST, the simplification of BAS, withdrawal of the Entities Taxation legislation and removal of fuel excise.

Government commitments to address the matter of property rights were also outstanding, he said.

He was proud NFF had expanded its focus to include broader community issues such as health, regional development, service provision and education during his presidency.

"These policy successes, among others, have continued to reinforce NFF's basic philosophy of creating the best possible trading environment for agriculture, minimising costs, addressing market opportunities and ensuring farming businesses can freely choose their individual strategic commercial direction," he said.

Vice-president Wayne Cornish and treasurer Geoffery Crick were re-elected for a further 12 months.

New executive committee members were elected from commodity councils including Keith Perrett, Grains Council of Australia, Christine Campbell, Cotton Australia, and Simon Campbell, WoolProducers.

Committee chair announcements included, Charles Burke (Agforce) ­ economics committee, Keith Perrett (GCA) ­ trade sub-committee, Larry Acton (Agforce) ­ environmental committee, Geoff Crick ­ farm business, Duncan Fraser (NSW Farmers) ­ industrial relations, Keith Adams (Cattle Council) ­ quarantine and animal health, Wayne Cornish ­ farm chemicals.


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