DAFWA looks to restructure at executive level

29 Sep, 2014 02:00 AM

THE Department of Agriculture and Food (DAFWA) is undertaking an organisational restructure.

A long list of executive jobs were advertised on the weekend, including director of finance, executive director for biosecurity and regulation, business support, grains industry, irrigated agriculture, livestock industries, regional director and network co-ordinator.

When asked about the advertisements, DAFWA said all changes were being conducted internally and would not effect the day-to-day running of the business.

A spokesperson for the department said it would implement a new organisational structure from October 1.

Farm Weekly understands that existing staff have been encouraged to apply for the new roles, however if unsuccessful they will still be provided with a role within the department if they desire.

DAFWA director general Rob Delane said the decision to advertise was made in the best interests of the department, the delivery of government and industry priorities, and to ensure the most suitable people were identified for the refreshed roles.

Mr Delane acknowledged and thanked the existing executive directors for their contributions, with all encouraged to apply for the new roles to head the grains industries, livestock industries, irrigated agriculture, biosecurity and regulation and business support directorates.

The spokesperson said the changes would aim to better service its clients' requirements and respond to organisational size and role changes since the current structure was put in place in 2010.

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29/09/2014 11:47:33 PM, on Farm Weekly

Who are DAFWA's clients? It's not farmers! In a recent survey, most say DAFWA does nothing for them or has a negative impact.


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