Davison moves to expand operations

23 Feb, 2001 10:00 PM

WA agricultural chemicals manufacturer Davison Industries is bidding to increase its cotton/sugar/horticulture and broadacre business in eastern Australia with three important new appointments to complement its expanded product range.

Davison Industries general manager Colin Major said in addition to the three new appointments, the company's national marketing manager Rob Armstrong formerly company sales manager for Queensland until 1997, would return to Brisbane from the WA head office as part of the new national focus.

He will be assisted by:

pDugald Macfarlane in a newly created role as national business manager (cotton products) - based in Toowoomba, Qld. Dugald was previously southern Queensland manager for Crop Care.

pRob Anderson, as sales manager for southern Queensland/northern NSW, based in Dalby, Queensland. Rob was previously with Queensland Cotton Corporation Ltd.

pAndrew Franklin as Townsville-based Sales Manager in northern Queensland.

Mr Major said the appointments would add a tremendous depth of expertise - in targeted marketing areas - to Davison's east-coast operations.

"Providing quality products for specific markets is something Davison does well as a manufacturer, but the business today is increasingly dependent on specialist, personal skills and service, and we are delighted that these highly qualified representatives have chosen to join us."

He said the Davison product range had increased from 25 to 62 labels over the past few years.

The company became a subsidiary of WA's diversified Joyce Corporation Ltd in 1997 and Colin Major was appointed general manager in January 2000. Previously, he held prominent state and national rural marketing and management positions.


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