Denmark is this year's Guest Town at the Show.

25 Sep, 2002 10:00 PM

Mushrooming venture

FORCED back into business due to customer demand Touchwood Mushrooms are one of Denmark's true success stories.

Growing fungus has turned into a $630,000 per annum business for its founders Graham, Pat, Lee and Daryl Upson ‹ who will share their wares at the Perth Royal Show in the Woolworths Freshfood Pavilion for taste testing.

Previously known as Pixie Mushrooms in Casuarina, the company was reborn as Touchwood when brothers Graham and Daryl and their wives relocated to WA's Great Southern.

Originally planning to concentrate solely on winemaking, the family returned to mushrooms as buyers cried out for the renowned Upson's to get back to their roots.

Embracing a more organic approach than ever before, Touchwood Mushrooms now turns out 2.5t-3t of mushrooms each week, including white buttons, creminis, portabellos, brown and field varieties.

The secret of Touchwood's success lies in compost, according to Graham.

It was purpose made in a specially designed tunnel, and allowed the mushrooms to grow in natural conditions using amounts minimal of chemical, he said.


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