Dilley joins Nationals

27 Oct, 2004 10:00 PM

NUFFIELD scholar Steve Dilley, Donnybrook, has been endorsed as the National Party candidate for the Legislative Council's South West region.

The Donnybrook apple and beef producer has been involved in agri-politics over the past 15 years on issues such as WorkSafe regulations, biosecurity, water reform and market transparency.

"Representing the region in Parliament is a natural extension of the work I have been doing over the past 15 years," Mr Dilley said.

"When you are as passionate about country people as I am, there is just no way I could sit on the sidelines and continue to watch rural communities miss out on what are basic rights.

"During my life I have seen the city-country divide continue to grow at an alarming rate, particularly over the past four years.

"Unless country people have elected representatives who really know what its like and have the courage to challenge the party line, that growing divide will only accelerate."

Mr Dilley said his main priorities would be the reliability and capacity of Western Power services, equitable health care services across the South West, and the issue of perpetual water licenses for farmers.


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