DREAM no more. From today, you have the chance to win a RINEX guidance system in Farm Weekly¹s newes

30 Mar, 2007 08:45 PM

Entries close Wednesday, June 6, 2007, with the winner drawn the next day.

The prize, valued at $21,560, is a RINEX Saturn HT guidance system complete with Ag332 DGPS receiver and 12 months OmniSTAR VBS signal subscription.

According to RINEX Technology principal Rob Kiernan, the Saturn HT is recognised as the most versatile visual guidance system on the market.

³It¹s a one-up model from our entry level HL model and offers a large format touch screen display with all guidance functions, real-time mapping, virtual road and virtual memory for nine paddocks,² Rob said.

³It also offers our new RePLAY guidance, simple data management and the ability to add on peripherals including AutoSPRAY, AutoSTEER and our other new product FieldNET.

³We¹re very excited to be associated with Farm Weekly in this new promotion because we have a great product range in place to cater for the various levels of precision agriculture which are suited to farmers.

³We recognise that not everybody wants our cutting edge technology, yet they want to be a part of what is now recognised as a real revolution in agriculture.

³In future years, owning a GPS guidance system will be as natural as owning a motor vehicle.²

Rob founded Rinex Technology in 1995 after a background as a research scientist.

In 1997, the company developed the world¹s first round-and-round guidance software called Racetrack, at a time when major manufacturers were selling equipment designed for up-and-back farming.

It was a fruit of the company¹s research and development which involved talking with industry scientists, farmers and trialling the software.

And it displayed the company¹s attitude of providing products that suit Australian farmers.

This year it also announced another world first with its RePLAY and FieldNET systems (see separate story on page 39) as it continues to push the cutting edge seeking better ways to assist farmers.

Right now RINEX is involved in what it calls vehicle and trailer modeling, which is another world first for the company.

Vehicle modeling ensures more precise tracking around obstacles or headlands, not only for the tractor, but also for what it is towing.

This is where Rob and his partner John Nolan¹s background in surveying is readily apparent.

³We¹ve both got degrees in survey and mapping and we were involved in GPS,² Rob said.

³We saw the potential for GPS in agriculture as the next level from computer monitors because it is a geographical tool.

³So we worked on software to map paddocks from yield monitor statistics and called it Goldstar.

³We put it on the internet as a free download to get feedback and also as an exploratory way to build our profile.

³The feedback we got was encouraging and precision farming was starting to gather steam so we concentrated on software.

³That resulted in Racetrack and we developed a version for KEE Technologies in South Australia and also for the Hardi Australia Co-Pilot.²

Since then the company has expanded into a range of products including PlanIT, an office management software package for farmers and agronomists to plan what products to apply where and at what rate.

These plans are then used to treat paddocks and records created in the field are then returned to the office where the job can be reviewed and records kept for later analysis and planning.

The company also has a range of guidance options from low cost entry level to auto steering with its Saturn range of products.

The company¹s latest controller is the RINEX AutoSPRAY 4080, which is the world¹s first autonomous boom section controller.

It automatically controls boom section switches to minimise overspray of crops and pastures and is designed to work with most existing spray rate controllers and GPS receivers and removes the guesswork required when switching boom sections ON or OFF.

The 4080 is a good example of where RINEX is headed in terms of providing products that are compatible for farmers.

³You don¹t need to have a guidance computer to use the 4080,² Rob said.

³All you need is a GPS receiver.

³Basically the 4080 is a memory computer that records GPS positions, so if you cross a co-ordinate that already has been recorded it triggers a solenoid to shut off the boom section traversing that co-ordinate.

³We¹ve also integrated our vehicle and trailer modeling into the 4080.²



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