Eastern Victoria overflows with rain

20 Jan, 2010 04:24 AM

THE recent deluge over eastern Victoria has fired totals this month well above the January norm.

Two bursts, one at the beginning of the year and the second just gone, have been the main cause.

The heavier rain at the start of January, the result of a deep inland trough, brought some people as much as half their January rainfall in one go.

The recent rainfall, pulled in from the deep Southern Ocean by a low, has simply topped up the coffers.

Melbourne sits very much on the dividing line of 'wet' Victoria and 'dry' Victoria. The state's capital is suffering with only 23mm taken so far.

Over to the east, it is a different story. Most of the Northeast, Alpine areas and parts of East Gippsland have already recorded 100-150pc of their January mean.

To the west it is dry, similar to Melbourne, with most places sitting around 40-60pc of their January mean.

This has been a direct result of a lack of strong frontal systems in the last three weeks.

However, the month is not over yet and rainfall could still provide a boost to those drier areas.

It does look quite dry for Melbourne over the next two weeks though, possibly leading to the fourth below-average January in a row.

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20/01/2010 5:45:24 AM, on Stock & Land

Many of us in East Gippsland are in drought like conditions/which is not abnormal, with very low stock water levels.
Droughtland Farmer
24/01/2010 5:06:56 PM, on Stock & Land

MARTIN PALMER obviously didn’t check the Sale weather station before writing this article. Sale, located 200Km east of Melbourne, has recorded only 30.6mm for January and with very little likely to fall for the remainder of the month will be in the driest 35% of years. Sale recorded 378mm for 2009 – the 5th driest year since records began in 1871. The dry year combined with record heat that decimated pastures and crops in November has given dry-land farmers in central Gippsland little opportunity to recover from the ongoing drought – the same drought that has affected South Eastern Australia for more than a decade. To say “Eastern Victoria overflows with rain” and “Melbourne sits very much on the dividing line of 'wet' Victoria and 'dry' Victoria” sends the wrong message to readers outside the region.


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We farm at Beacon we had no rain last time .Since the 1st of Jan.we have recorded 45 mm ,6mm