Elders aids leukemia patients

12 Sep, 2007 09:00 PM

WHEN Elders state banking manager Mike Walter was diagnosed with lymphoma in May, the whole Elders network sprung into action to help raise money for the Charlies Leukemia Fund.

Less than four months later, and while Mr Walter still undergoes treatment, Elders state manager David Jones and state real estate manger Peter Storch have handed over a cheque for $12,000 to Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital’s Haematology Care Centre .

The money was raised through a series of sporting memorabilia auctions during June and July at various Elders corporate events.

The company pledged 50c for every dollar raised at the auctions, resulting in a total of $12,000 for the Charlies Leukemia Fund.

Charlies Leukemia Fund was created in 1998 and raises money for WA research into leukemia, lymphoma and other blood related cancers, including new drugs, procedures, clinical trials and better ways of supplying existing treatment.

But Mr Walter said the real message was for people to visit their doctor for regular health check-ups.

“You cannot assume anything and you must get yourself checked out,” he said.


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