Elders support on display

27 Jul, 2006 07:00 PM

ELDERS showed its support for rural WA last week when its state management team met with Agriculture Minister Kim Chance to discuss the position of the agriculture industry.

The meeting focused on the state of WA's rural economy and what Elders had in place to support clients in a difficult position due to the poor season.

The discussion also examined what initiatives Elders is working on to increase the value of WA agricultural production.

The grain and livestock industries and how Elders is broadening its marketing options for all WA rural products were also highlighted during the meeting.

Elders state general manager Peter Maxwell said the meeting provided an excellent opportunity for its management team to hear direct from the WA Government and, in particular, Mr Chance on his views for the future of agriculture in WA.

"It was pleasing to hear he shares with Elders the great confidence we have in the future of agriculture in WA," Mr Maxwell said.

"We raised issues that Elders see are affecting WA business such as land tenure, wild dogs and shortage of staff in rural areas with Mr Chance."

During the meeting Mr Chance gave an overview of some strategic issues such as emerging competitors and markets in South America, as well as the WA saleyard strategy the WA Government had developed.

There was also a general discussion about the value of farming and the potential of existing and new forms of rural production.

Elders state chairman Barry Court also attended the meeting.

"Despite the very difficult position a great part of our state is currently in, we believe that the long-term future for primary industry in WA is extremely optimistic with far more opportunities than threats," he said.

Elders hopes to continue the update meetings with the government on a regular basis.


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