Eneabba turns back the clock in time capsule

31 Oct, 2001 10:00 PM

MEMORIES of a yesteryear came flooding back for some of Eneabba's oldest residents recently when a 20-year time capsule was opened as part of this year's centenary of federation celebration.

Spilling over with clippings and snippets of days gone by, including an old copy of Farm Weekly, or Elders Weekly, as it was known then, its opening truly warmed the hearts of new and old locals alike.

As one of three original post-war service families to establish in windy Eneabba, Tessa and Brian White were especially thrilled to see stories written by their children, Craig and Kim, aged seven and nine at the time, and photos of the local footy team, of which Brian was a part.

The White's said the capsule was truly a highlight of the celebrations, and had brought a number of people back to town to witness the event.

Open for public viewing over the next month, the capsule will be returned to the ground, along with new contributions for the next generation to open in another 20 years.

Another moving part of the day for the White's came with the launch of a new Gazebo at the Eileen White Memorial Park, which had been named in honour of Brian's mother after she passed away more than 10 years ago.

Brian said his mother was known for her commitment to community projects and people.

The day's proceedings also included the opening of the Silver Chain garden, which was funded by moneys dedicated by the government for local projects to mark this, the centenary federation year.


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