Evans new ADF vice president

30 Aug, 2011 04:00 AM

WAFARMERS dairy council president Peter Evans (pictured), has been appointed as the Australian Dairy Farmers (ADF) board's new vice president.

Chris Griffin, Victoria, took over the presidency after the previous president, Wes Judd, did not seek re-election.

Another new vice-president, Noel Campbell, Victoria, completes the new team.

Mr Evans said his appointment would mean more time spent in Victoria and allow closer scrutiny of developments, which would be a positive for WA dairy interests.

Besides that, very little would change.

"The ADF will continue to work in the interests of all dairy farmers," Mr Evans said.

Regarding the recent issue of direct membership, Mr Evans said very little would change for individual state members.

"Dairy farmers will still have to be a member of the state organisation which will give them automatic membership of the ADF," Mr Evans said.

He said milk processors would be making a financial contribution to the ADF but details were still being worked out.


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