Experience key for CBH

26 Jan, 2013 01:00 AM
Darkan farmer Ray Harrington said CBH needs to be prepared for future competition.
Darkan farmer Ray Harrington said CBH needs to be prepared for future competition.

THE future of CBH lies with the co-operative thinking outside the square.

That's the opinion of Darkan farmer Ray Harrington, who believes CBH needs to begin to prepare itself against future threats of competition.

"We have competition from everywhere, like the Chinese and Bunge, and I believe that if I was elected to the board, I could help make our company smarter and better," Mr Harrington said.

Mr Harrington is one of the most experienced farmers in the State, having worked as a director of Grainpool and Agricorp.

Mr Harrington was on the committee which was a key player in the merger between CBH and Grainpool.

He was also the inaugural chairman of the Growers Advisory Council (GAC) for three years and served on the committee for a further five years.

Mr Harrington is also a director of Harrington Brothers, which is also run by a board.

Overall, Mr Harrington has a wealth of experience and has dealt with the CBH board before and believes he has the knowledge to bring a benefit to the board.

"If you look at all the achievements that CBH has done in the last eight years, I have been a part of that," he said.

"From rebuilding the co-op model and investing in rail, I have been quietly sitting on the Growers Advisory Council (GAC), which is an advisory council to the CBH board.

"I am fully supportive of the rail investment.

"Ever since the merger (with Grainpool) I have been part of all those changes - the loadnet, the grain optimisation, harvest mass management scheme, grain express and all that.

"I have been quietly sitting under the board for eight years and I know enough about the company and I am a qualified director.

"I believe I can bring value with my experience and my outlook and I want to bring positive things to the board."

Mr Harrington is also the current West Arthur shire president and believes he can make things happen.

"I can see things that I would like to take to the board and challenge the board and management, to help improve the company, such as there is innovative modern technology out there that we could permanently cover our outside stacks and I have been part of using it and its cheap." he said.

"I also want to see payment for quality for barley growers.

"It is all about being cleverer as a business and trying to help the growers."

Mr Harrington, who crops 3000ha in Darkan and Wagin, said this would be his 51st crop he would put in and believed WA farmers were in the worst position he had ever seen, in financial and security terms.

"There are things we can do in CBH to help members," he said.

"We are a big organisation and we have strength which we can borrow against to provide options for cockies to finance crops and we do that now with money upfront and we have to push harder with that.

"We need to ride this storm out and I want to challenge the board on improving its ability to do that."

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Jumping the CBH Ship
28/01/2013 5:58:12 PM, on Farm Weekly

Ray, you will deliver your grain to Bunge at Bunbury, you will take the $1-5/t saving they will offer you (Bunge shareholders will pocket the rest) and you won't feel a shade of guilt because you are gaining whilst the other co-op members are left with higher CBH charges. Just as the Single Desk supporters are quiet now pocketing an extra $20-70/t over East Coast producers, the same will be the case when competition arrives at the port of Bunbury in 2013.
29/01/2013 1:19:11 PM, on Farm Weekly

Every grower is free to sell /send their grain to whom they desire. I'm sure CBH with Ray on board will develop strategies to meet the challenges of competition. It's time for change at the CBH board and Ray is more than capable of meeting the challenge. The incumbent has served two terms - more than enough.
X Ag Socialist
30/01/2013 8:08:09 AM, on Farm Weekly

Now lets see One dollar saved what would I do for One Dollar more than a cash price at the bin, Not much Bunges trucks had better not be late.
Sinking CBH ship
30/01/2013 6:44:58 PM, on Farm Weekly

The marketers get your grain in $1 increments. That's all it takes to tip your grain into their pockets. Perhaps you haven't noticed how you behave when you go through the DailyGrain prices?
Drowning in debt
1/02/2013 11:34:16 AM, on Farm Weekly

You think farmers who have just had a knockback from the bank are wanting to see you make CBH 'smarter and better'??? What the hell does that mean? All we care about now is getting our equity out of CBH because we certainly won't get it when the farm is sold!!! The only way you'll be able to fund all the likely exits is by listing. PLain and simple, even for an old ex WAFF member like me.


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