Farm safety warning

24 Apr, 2001 10:00 PM

WHILE farmers around the state sit waiting for rain they will be preparing themselves to get straight into seeding as soon as the season breaks.

With that in mind Farmsafe WA is urging farmers to spare just a little bit of thinking time towards the safety of their families, workers, visitors and most importantly, themselves.

Current statistics indicate that farmers are one of the highest risk groups for occupational illness and injury, with an annual national cost to the industry estimated to exceed $500 million.

Given the enormous human and economic costs when injuries and illness occur, there are a number of things farmers can due to reduce risk.

These include ensuring all machinery, equipment and work areas are in safe working condition, wear suitable clothing without loose attachments that can get caught up in machinery, as well as ensure there is appropriate supervision for all workers, family members and visitors.

Farmsafe are also stressing the importance of vehicles operators being property trained and have some experience in the vehicle's operation.


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