Farm safety warning

18 Dec, 2002 10:00 PM

WORKSAFE has warned farmers to maintain farm machinery after the death of a producer last week in a tractor accident.

The Nyabing farmer was attempting to jump-start his tractor using jumper leads from another farm vehicle. It is understood the tractor was in gear when it started, and the farmer was run over when the tractor lurched forward.

WorkSafe acting executive director Nina Lyhne said the tragic incident should serve as a warning to other farmers that machinery needed to be kept in good working condition.

"This is the tenth death in WA related to equipment starting in gear or accidentally knocked into gear since 1988," Ms Lyhne said.

"It should serve as a warning to farmers that plant and equipment should receive regular routine maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer's manual or the dealer's recommendations.

"Of course, jump-starting of any plant should be avoided, and the correct maintenance regime should ensure batteries are always adequately charged.

"It is always safer to recharge the battery in the workshop but if jump-starting in the field does become necessary, farmers should be extremely vigilant in ensuring that the vehicle is not in gear, that the brakes are on and that the operator is in the normal operating position."


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