Farmer support for Kondinin Group

30 Apr, 2003 10:00 PM

THE future of independent farm improvement organisation Kondinin Group has been assured with the overwhelming support from Kondinin Group members and a financial commitment from fellow grower-owned organisation, the Grain Growers Association.

Grain Growers Association will provide a top-up payment to Kondinin Group's survival fund enabling the $800,000 target to be reached.

The financial contribution comes after a three-week fundraising campaign in which Kondinin Group members raised $455,000 towards saving the Group.

Kondinin Group Chairman Ken Sevenson said he was thrilled that Kondinin Group would continue operating as an independent grower-owned organisation and thanked the Group's members for their outstanding support.

"We also congratulate Grain Growers Association for their belief that Kondinin Group plays an important role within agriculture and the grains industry in particular, and for demonstrating this support in such an important way.

"This is a win-win situation. Kondinin Group remains an independent, farmer-owned organisation and farmers Australia-wide will now continue to benefit from the valuable information we produce.

"By contributing to the Kondinin Group survival fund, Grain Growers Association and our members have secured the future of the only truly independent voice in agriculture.

Grain Growers Association Chairman Ron Greentree said the decision to invest in Kondinin Group was helped by the considerable amount of support shown by members of the Group in the past three weeks.

"The amount of money raised by members is a great endorsement of the value in Kondinin Group.

"We firmly believe the industry is better served by having an organisation such as Kondinin Group operating in the market."

Mr Greentree said the not-for-profit Grain Growers Association made considerable investments in the industry on behalf of its members and the broader industry each year.

"The criteria for this investment was that the independence of Kondinin Group is maintained and therefore its value to the grain growing industry is kept intact.

"Grain Growers Association believes the provision of information for the business of farming will be fundamental to the future of the grains industry.

"We are looking forward to working with Kondinin Group to ensure the information flow continues."


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