Farmer workshop to tackle wild dogs

29 Jun, 2016 10:00 PM

PRODUCERS gathered this month to workshop wild dog management initiatives, to help stop dogs plaguing pastoral and agricultural properties in the Northern Agricultural Region.

Producers from Perenjori, Dalwallinu and the Greater Geraldton shire attended workshops to discuss how to tackle the growing problem.

WA Wild Dog Control co-ordinator Meja Aldrich said the workshops attracted more than 50 farmers and community members who were interested in incorporating wild dog management strategies into their annual calendar of operations.

The three workshops discussed baiting, trapping, cameras, dog behaviour, mapping, dog signs, lure and pest ejectors.

"It was about getting farmers and others in the same room to learn about wild dogs and techniques to combat the issue," she said.

"It's about community engagement."

Ms Aldrich said unfortunately the wild dog problem was stretching further into the agricultural areas.

"The dogs are breeding inside the State Barrier fence and are moving south and west," she said.

"The problem is not getting better, we need everyone on board."

The workshops were delivered by the Department of Agriculture and Food and Australian Wool Innovation.

Another series of workshops will be held in August.

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