Farmers help less fortunate

13 Nov, 2007 09:00 PM

FARMERS around the state are giving what they can to help their colleagues whose properties are affected by drought.

For some this will be the second or third year they have gone without a sufficient income and their situations look dire.

However, producers from the more fortunate pockets of WA have shown they will not sit on the fence and watch the drought destroy their fellow farmers.

Yorkrakine farmers and brothers Stuart and Dennis Reid are doing their bit to help out in these difficult times.

They already have 600 ewes grazing on their pastures from a property in Wubin, were expecting more in a few weeks and will provide all the sheep with free pasture and water for the summer.

“It’s looking pretty ordinary in parts of Wubin for the second year in a row and one of our mates was talking about de-stocking because he does not have the feed,” Stuart Reid said.

“Apart from destroying the progress he has made with breeding, this would have meant he would not make any money from his sheep next year.

“At least this way he will be able to mate his ewes late in December and have an income next year.”

The brothers have 1800 ewes, 1000 lambs and enough feed for extra sheep.

“While we have not received average rainfall this year, our crops are pretty good,” Mr Reid said.

“We had excess feed and thought we would make it available to someone who needs it.

“We are just trying to help a mate out and you never know when the tables might turn.”

They were offered the wool off the sheep to help cover costs, however they would probably send the mob grazing on their home farm back to Wubin with a full fleece.

The brothers said there were other farmers in the area doing similar things with some also offering free and cheap agistment.

CBH Group and the Agriculture Department are also helping out those in exceptional circumstance (EC) areas of the state with a seed donation program this harvest to assist these farmers with planting next year’s crop.

CBH chairman Tony Critch said the program was started after concerned growers approached the co-operative earlier in the year.

“These producers wanted to try and put something together to help other growers facing a tough season this year,” Mr Critch said.

EC area farmers of the state can nominate to get a free seed donation after harvest.

Other farmers can donate a small portion of their grain to help the growers.


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