Farming families play host to city cousins

28 May, 2008 10:59 AM

HUNDREDS of farming families across the country played host to a city family over the weekend in the hope of providing them with a greater understanding of rural life.

Six hundred families took part in Farm Day with about 25 Western Australian farmers getting involved for the first time.

The day aims to help foster greater understanding of farming among city people but sharing fun, friendship and understand with a family on a farm.

Farm Day founder Deb Bain said the event enabled farmers across the country to have a voice in the urban population in order to demonstrate modern agriculture and show what farming is all about.

"At the same time it allows city people to get their hands dirty and come to understand the business of farming," Ms Bain said.

"It is a way of bridging the gap between the city-country divide which we used to do through family connections."

This year's event was a great success with many of the families going home with wonderful experiences and new friends.

"It gives the city families a chance to get real hands on experience," Ms Bain said.

"While in many cases farmers get a renewed vision of what they do and are reinvigorated by the interest shown by the city families."


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