FarmOnline poll proves growers AWB concerns: WAFarmers

25 Jul, 2008 04:03 PM

The Western Australian Farmers Federation believes that the results of a poll currently being run on FarmOnline shows grower concerns at AWB Ltd'sattempts to abolish A-Class shareholders from the corporate structure.

The poll, which is currenlty running on all of FarmOnline's newspapers websites, asks: 'Will the abolition of AWB's dual share system result in growers' interests being put second to those of the shareholders?'

The poll has had 290 votes cast up until 12 noon (WST) today (July 25), of which 69pc of respondents believe that their interests will be secondary with the abolition of AWB's dual-share system.

Just over one in four votes (27.2pc) believe that AWB will maintain grower interests with the abolishment of A-Class shareholders.

WAFarmers Grains Council President, Derek Clauson, said that the results spoke for themselves and stood as a message for AWB chief executive Gordon Davis.

"While Mr Davis would try to make us believe otherwise, this poll shows that Australian grain growers are concerned at his attempts to abolish A-Class (grower) shareholders from AWB’s constitution," Mr Clauson said.

"This is a concern also held by WAFarmers, who is recommending to members, and grain growers generally, to vote against the motion to remove Article 2 from the AWB constitution."

WAFarmers says the majority of AWB A-Class directors is also against the abolishment of A-Class shareholders of AWB, which would be achieved by removing Article 2.

WAFarmers says it has only voted once in the FarmOnline poll.


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