Fighting the fire risk

28 Oct, 2005 08:45 PM

LARGE intense fires are inevitable in the South West and the hills area near Perth unless more fuel reduction burning is done, according to Bush Fire Front chairman Roger Underwood.

The Bush Fire Front was formed two years ago when a group of people believed the standard of bushfire management had slipped and the government was moving away from preparedness and prevention to a more environmentally driven approach.

"We are trying to improve the standard of bush fire management across the South West regions, which has declined in recent years," Mr Underwood said.

"The community is more vulnerable to bushfires now than 10 years ago, simply because of a lack of leadership and accountability and the failure to come to grips with the big picture at the top."

Mr Underwood said if controlled burning to reduce fuels were not done an unstoppable fire would be inevitable because of WA's climate and highly flammable bushland.

"Bush fires are one natural disaster which can be prevented, or at least the damage they cause can be mitigated," Mr Underwood said.

"If (bush is) regularly burnt and fuel is low, fires are easy to put out and do little damage."

The Bush Fire Front will hold a forum in Eaton this Saturday to discuss its views and come up with a strategy to take to the government.

The forum will be held at the Eaton Recreation Centre from 9am-3pm.

For more information contact Bush Fire Front secretary Don Spriggins on 9721 1480 or email


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