First restaurant signs to buy west, eat best program

30 Jun, 2009 04:53 PM

In a sign of growing consumer loyalty to local produce, Jus Burgers has become the State’s first restaurant to commit to using only Western Australian food ingredients.

The Leederville restaurant recently signed on to the 'buy west, eat best' program, which includes about 80 other WA food suppliers and retailers.

Jus Burgers owner Justin Bell said it was an easy decision to sign to the program.

"I saw signing to the ‘buy west, eat best’ program as an opportunity to confirm my support for local farmers and suppliers and also educate customers about Western Australian food," Mr Bell said.

"Since incorporating the program’s unique branding into our restaurant, customers have been congratulating us on supporting the WA food industry.

"It was not a difficult process to join the ‘buy west, eat best’ program and I encourage other restaurants to sign up too."

Agriculture and Food Minister Terry Redman said Jus Burgers, like all other ‘buy west, eat best’ registered businesses, had to meet health and safety regulations and strict criteria about ingredients used in their recipes.

"This means when using fresh products, such as fruit, vegetables, meat and seafood, the products must be grown, fished or farmed in WA," he said.

"For processed food, such as sauces, yoghurts, cheese and bread, the main ingredient must be grown, fished or farmed in WA and the product must be processed in the State.

"Jus Burgers sources all its produce locally and already uses eight suppliers signed to the ‘buy west, eat best’ program."

Local suppliers and ‘buy west, eat best’ registered businesses used by Jus Burgers.

Harvey Beef - supply all beef

Amelia Park Lamb - supply all lamb

Mt Barker Chicken - supply all chicken

Festival Fish Markets - supply all fish

Mondo Butcher - supply WA pork, kangaroo and boerwors

Morley Growers - supply vegetables and salad

Supa Spud - supply potatoes for chips Turkish Bakeries - supply Turkish rolls.

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1/07/2009 1:35:20 PM

This is great news for the state and consumers who want to support local producers. I hope that this also means that these foods are, at the moment, GM free? However, with the introduction of GM canola into WA this could all change next year. Any contamination (even one seed in a truck load, according to Terry Redman) removes the GM free label and that takes away any choice that concerned consumers may want. Then again, as take-away foods fly under the GM labelling laws, we are obviously not meant to know anyway!


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