First shipment could be only days away

28 Jul, 2011 04:00 AM

WA exporters are still hopeful that the first shipment of live cattle to Indonesia can leave in early August, but admit a lot of work still needs to be done.

Farm Weekly believes Elders looks the most likely to be the first cab off the rank from Darwin but there are still no details as to when or how big that shipment may be.

It is also believed Emanuel Exports could have the first shipment from Broome but that could not be confirmed because applications for permits are still being processed.

Exporters are still in the process of applying for and receiving permits but there is no way of knowing how long the process could take for them to be approved.

Emanuel Exports managing director Graham Daws said they were working towards getting their supply chain approved.

"International Livestock Exports (ILE) is definitely going through the process of getting permits and getting the first shipment away," Mr Daws said.

"It is proving to be a very slow process in getting the supply chain approvals."

Mr Daws said there was still a lack of clear understanding of what was required in order to get up to standard but they were still working to get approval.

"We believe we are ok, but we keep getting road blocks," he said.

"We believe once the first shipment goes it will only be a drip feed opening of the trade, which is tragic but that is the situation we face."

He said ILE was working tirelessly to get its supply chain approved.

"We have all the people in place," he said.

"And we have all the systems in place but we are just trying to get it officially approved."

Pastoralists and Graziers Association (PGA) president Rob Gillam said he was encouraged by the news that live cattle shipments to Indonesia could resume next week, with Elders possibly receiving an export permit in the next few days.

"This is a positive step in re-establishing live cattle exports to Indonesia," Mr Gillam said.

"We look forward to seeing this first shipment proceed and the trade swiftly resumed."

"We trust that this initial shipment will not only lead the way for other exporters to submit their permit applications, but will also provide the Australian public with greater certainty over the ability of the live export industry to ensure that animal welfare standards set down by Minister Ludwig are met."

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30/07/2011 5:50:34 PM, on Farm Weekly

This would be the same Graham Daws who escaped a cruelty prosecution through a Constitutional Law technicality. Why is it that you people just don't get that decent, hardworking Australians in their hundreds of thousands are deeply, deeply ashamed of what you do. Handing regulation back to these people is outting Dracula back in charge of the bloodbank, 'independent' auditors and 'independent vets' employed by the exporters. SHAME!! Even the ships you use are a disgrace, before the animals get tortured to death.


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