Fox baiting starts in earnest

24 Mar, 2004 10:00 PM

FARMERS are stepping up their campaign against foxes, with landholders in the Dumbleyung shire taking delivery of 1080 baits on Monday.

A total of 28 farmers on 35 properties collected 600 baits. Dumbleyung was just one of 23 shires in the south of the state to join forces for a co-ordinated two-week pre-lambing baiting and shooting program.

Ella Maesepp from the district landcare office, and contract agriculture protection officer Adrian Chesson, distributed the baits and read mandatory baiting and safety guidelines to farmers.

Ella said farmers in the shire adjoining the Tarin Rock nature reserve initially started baiting as part of the mallee fowl preservation group¹s program, and other farmers had followed, but it was the first time the program had been co-ordinated as a shire.

The program co-incides with a fox shoot at Dumbeyung on March 25 and is one of several that have been or will be carried out in the southern region.

Dumbleyung farmer Jamie Frost, who was part of the winning team which shot 23 foxes at the Wagin shoot in February, said farmers had killed 74 foxes and a lesser number of rabbits and feral cats in one night.

Placement of individual baits is mapped and recorded and are left in place for two weeks before unused baits are collected and disposed of.

Adrian said every bait taken should kill a fox, and farmers will be asked to record how many are taken so that figures throughout the region can be collated to give a total.


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