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25 Sep, 2014 02:00 AM
Jock Graham and William Harrington, who head up the Farm Apps team, are about to launch a new, improved version of F-Track Live.
Jock Graham and William Harrington, who head up the Farm Apps team, are about to launch a new, improved version of F-Track Live.

F-TRACK LIVE is an on-the-go farm management app that lets multiple users record and access all their farm information live, wherever they want.

It has been available for iPhones and iPads for more than two years now, helping farm businesses streamline their notebook records across multiple properties and users.

For the past year the Farm Apps team, headed by southern NSW farmer, Jock Graham, has been at work to create a new F-track app and management system that works across all smartphone platforms and has a more flexible and innovative design.

Using the latest innovation and technology, the new F-Track Version 2.0 includes an improved visual display, customisable interface (modular display), crossplatform app (Apple, Android, Windows), live data feeds (weather), more tracking modules (chemical inventory and rainfall), languages, faster recording of farm events and push notification systems to send updated notices and deliver custom reports.

Mr Graham said F-Track Version 2.0 was the next generation of the F-Track system and should be available for download in the next three weeks on all devices.

“F-track 2 has two apps, the in field recording app (designed for smartphones) and the manager version that is customised for a bigger screen (tablets or PCs), which give it even more flexibility.

“We decided to redesign F-Track to enable the system to be scaleable, cross-platform and suitable for almost any farm on the planet,” Mr Graham said.

“We have improved the cloud synchronisation method, rewritten the app for all smartphones and introduced a new level of customisation that can suit almost any farm’s needs.

“We created the first F-Track Live to solve the problem of sharing farm information, typically kept in a farmer’s notebook. It has been downloaded more than 12,500 times since its launch in 2012, and is now used by more than 60 farms across a variety of enterprises all over the country. But the new version is even better. Users can access F-Track on smart phones, tablets or through a normal webpage on any device.

“Activities such as animal movements, crop events and inventory adjustments such as fuel, grain and chemicals can all be performed on our new visual farm display with a drop and drag interface. The simple and inexpensive app works across all smartphones and is accessible on and offline.

Data captured is solely for the use of the client and not utilised by Farm Apps for any purpose.”

Farm Apps Pty Ltd was founded in 2011 by Mr Graham with the backing of a few progressive farmers from the Cootamundra region in NSW and a technical developer, William Harrington, Richmond, Queensland.

The original F-Track Live app is available to download from the Apple App Store and

F-Track 2 will available in three weeks on Google Play Store, App Store and other relevant app stores for smartphones, tablets and iPads.

The app is free to download and trial for 30 days, after which a subscription will cost $30 a month or $300 a year for up to five users.

To find out more about the F-track Live appclick here

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