GCA considers changes to structure

25 Jan, 2005 10:00 PM

PROPOSALS for changes to the national representation of Australia's grain producers will be discussed at a full meeting of the Grains Council of Australia this week.

GCA President Keith Perrett said the proposals, relating to the governance and administrative structure of the GCA, will be finalised at the GCA's annual general meeting during Grains Week in Brisbane on April 4.

"The proposals resulted from an intensive year of national consultation and discussion with producers and stakeholders", Mr Perrett said.

"They arose from issues raised during consultation about governance processes. The changes will remove contradictory elements from the current constitution of GCA, and provide more clarity relating to the administration and directors' liabilities.

"This is in line with processes undertaken by the corporate sector over recent years to establish clearer lines of responsibility for directors," he said.

"We want to create a more flexible policy development and implementation structure that takes better account of divergent opinions from within the GCA membership.

"GCA is committed to actively pursuing the ramifications for our operations which have arisen from the development of the Single Vision Grains Industry Strategy, and the feedback received from thousands of producers during last year's regional forums," Mr Perrett said.

"We're looking forward to finalising the proposal for changes to the corporate and administrative structure of the GCA at our AGM at Grains Week in Brisbane in April, but will be making no further comment on the proposals until that time".


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