GCA to mount glyphosate case

29 Aug, 2001 10:00 PM

GRAINS Council of Australia (GCA) has requested support from the Australian Farmers Fighting Fund (AFFF) to mount a case against the glyphosate anti-dumping application.

The funds would be used to argue against the claims by Monsanto that Chinese glyphosate is being dumped in Australia, and an anti-dumping duty should be imposed to protect the company's local manufacturing operations.

Monsanto has lodged an application with those claims to Customs Australia, which will decide if they are valid.

If successful, it could lead to a price increase for Australian agriculture's major herbicide, something GCA president Keith Perrett said farmers could not afford.

"Farmers in Australia have to compete in a distorted world market, and they do it very well, but they just cant afford a price increase for one of the major input costs at the moment," he said.

"Even though grain prices are looking good, there is still not much margin there."

GCA's application is awaiting approval from the AFFF board of trustees, but has already received the endorsement of the National Farmers Federation executive.

Mr Perrett said given the widespread use of glyphosate, not just by grain growers, he was confident the AFFF would see the merits in GCA application.

"There is hardly a farmer across Australia that hasn't used glyphosate, and I would be surprised if the board weren't 100pc supportive," he said.

The AFFF was instigated in 1985, and has been used to fund a number of industry issues, including the recent feasibility study into multi-peril crop insurance.

However, the size of the AFFF coffers has never been disclosed.


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