Give grain to save brain

17 Oct, 2007 09:00 PM

FARMERS can help research into memory-destroying Alzheimer’s disease, which could have a devastating impact on shires in the future, by donating grain this harvest.

Supporting the McCusker Foundation’s research could prevent the disease, West Coast Eagle Dean Cox says.

He volunteered as a foundation volunteer because the disease is predicted to become one of Australia most serious health issues this century.

More than half a million people will be affected by 2050 because of the ageing population.

The WA-based foundation is a charity dedicated to supporting the research of Professor Ralph Martins whose goals are to identify an early diagnosis, prevention and treatment for the disease.

Although there is currently no early detection or treatments to stop the disease’s progress, Prof Martins continues to work towards his goal.

The foundation has the support of community volunteers such as farmers Graham Nixon and David Roberts who understand the disease’s impact on rural communities.

Mr Nixon, a foundation board member, is concerned about the pressure the disease will put on shires in the future.

“Rural communities are ageing and increasing levels of support and services will be required for people who get the disease,” he said.

“Because this condition lasts up to 20 years, causes increasing levels of disability and will affect so many people, it will place enormous stress on already stretched communities and families.

“We are calling on those growers who are able to help, to make a donation this harvest to support this research aimed at preventing this devastating disease and through this protect families and future generations.”

A donation can be made by using a cash price payment or by giving grain at the weighbridge.

Any donation no matter how small helps and all donations go towards research.

To donate grain, simply use the normal split/full load transfer procedure and use the details below:

p Donation name — McCusker Foundation Alzheimer’s Disease Research Inc

p Delivery No — 20001707

p Donation Property No —981910


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